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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Progress Update

Wow, hard to believe how much time has gone by since the last update. The time is moving fast because I'm working at full speed on the game and not stopping for much else! I'm getting closer to Alpha, but still have a good ways to go. I've finished several more levels since PAX. Here's a peek at some new screens:

A Very Huge Planet

I made a very surprising discovery the other day. On a whim I decided to compare the size of the Lifeless Planet world to Skyrim. Believe it or not (I had to check twice!), Lifeless Planet has more total land area than Skyrim. Now mind you, there is not nearly as much explorable area, and it's not an open world game, etc. But still--wow. Every now and then a little tidbit like this makes me realize what a huge undertaking I have...undertook! Thankfully, I'm closer to the end than the beginning. Maybe more thankfully, it's actually coming together nicely.

...And a Bunch of Code

On another whim recently I decided to share all my code with you. Sort of. I pulled together thumbnails from every script I've created (or in some cases, modified) for the game to-date. I'm not really bragging here--I'm primarily an artist/designer and I know that many games--indies included--have way more code than you see here. I just thought you might like to see a unique presentation of some of the content I've produced so far. Usually I just share video or screenshots, but of course the code behind the game is just as critical as the art, sound, and music.

More Updates Coming

So that's it for now, but I'm going to try to not let so much time go between posts. I keep thinking I'll get to Alpha and that will be a good time to update everybody. But really I need to pop by here a little more often and I hereby promise to do so. I've got all kinds of cool new stuff to share, and there's lots more right around the corner...thanks for checking out Lifeless Planet!