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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I need your support!

OK, so hopefully you've seen the new game trailer for Lifeless Planet and you can't wait to do some extrasolar planet exploration!

Lifeless Planet is a totally independent game project by a very small team: in fact, all of the production so far has been by one guy (me!). The goal is to make the best possible 3D action-adventure game on a small budget using free and low-cost tools. In the past some truly great games have been created by lone developers with a passion for their work. What's amazing is all the new tech that now allows independent studios to create incredible 3D games.

To pull this off, I will need your help. Even with great new tools out there like Blender and Unity, it takes a massive amount of effort to produce a quality game. I've spent years (decades, I'm afraid to say) learning 3D modeling and animation, texture painting, and game programming. I've got a "real" job, but interactive applications (i.e. gaming) are my passion. I'm pouring my heart and soul into this project.

All of this takes time, and yes, time is money. So very soon I hope to launch a Kickstarter project to allow fans of Lifeless Planet to contribute to the cause.

In the meantime, the only thing I ask of you is to sign up for the free newsletter! I will keep you updated on project milestones, new trailers, betas, etc. And when the Kickstarter project launches, I'll let you know so—if you like—you can support the project and get great perks like pre-orders of the game and cool Lifeless Planet swag!


  1. I'm also a 'one man army' indie developer using Unity and Blender; your project looks amazing!

  2. Thanks, TJ! Sounds like your comment is coming from somebody who knows how much work is involved...

  3. Really nice work man, really nice. I caught you on the Unity forums and look forward to seeing more from you. If you've got a Twitter, add me @dopplerinteract, so I can keep up with your exploits.

  4. Thanks JF! No twitter yet...but maybe soon. I've never really had anything to tweet about until now. =)

    If you want to join my mailing list I'll let you know when pre-ordering is available. And only infrequent updates I promise!

    Thanks again!

  5. I commented on your BlenderArtists thread, but thought I'd drop by here as well.
    Since I've recently joined the world of Blender to Unity pipeline, and I'm really interested in Indie game development, this project got my attention.
    I subscribed to the newsletter as well ;)

    I'm currently working on a first person, story-driven adventure game made with Unity (nothing of it on the internet yet) and I'm making a presentable demoish build of a part of the game's first level in hope of getting a small team to work with me.
    I'll probably make a development blog for it once it's official.

    Anyway, great work on the trailer, at least i was sold :) I guess your newsletters will keep me posted.

  6. Subscribed!
    Excellent job on your project, looking forward to the release.
    Keep up!

  7. Thanks guys! Truly appreciate the kind words. Gives me "fuel" to keep plugging and make this game great. Got a long way to go but I feel we're headed in the right direction...

  8. This project has soul... I'm using Blender during more than 7 years and I know how it feel work like an army :)

    You are a brave man, you know? a proyect is always like a child that need your effort to continue growing, and right now you boy is very strong, congratulations!

    I put my soul in every single proyect that deserve it too.
    always is great to know that there are other "crazy" men like me jejeje

    Greetings from this proyect:

    PD: keep loving it

  9. Hello There,

    I am 3D Environmental Artist, I work with 3ds Max and now I am learning Blender. I am writing you as you have asked for help in an upcoming project. I would like to be part of the project to support you and your team. I have worked in one of the game trailers too. Which was showcased in Dubai Expo 2010 and the worked on the game level too. Below is the link to the trailer:

    (Modeling Props, Texturing and E-Design Logo Animation)

    I am so keen to be part of the game company. You can also have a look at my portfolio and would love to help you with anything.

    Waqas Abdul Majeed
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  10. And Good Luck with these awesome projects!

  11. Keep up with the good work! I know it's hard and takes years, but that's life. I'm myself participating in OpenGameStudio project in an effort to create completely open source game, and it takes very long, but it is going on.
    Good luck.

  12. Thanks guys! It's nice to hear from folks in the industry who know what kind of effort is involved in a project like this. Good luck with your projects too!


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