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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kickstarter Success!

I'm happy to announce that our Kickstarter Project for Lifeless Planet has succeeded! We raised 202% of our funding goal for a total of over $17,000! It's going to take even more money (which is coming from other investors and our own pockets) and a ton of time and energy to complete the game, but we've now got the momentum to make it happen! THANK YOU so much to everyone who contributed!

Stay tuned here and on the Kickstarter page for progress updates as we move ahead...


  1. I've been staying tuned here for over two months now.
    Are there no updates or is there no progress?

  2. Sorry, I posted some new screenshots ( and a couple backer-only posts at the Kickstarter page, but I'm overdue for updates on both sites--especially here. I'm posting an update tomorrow and will make sure it goes up both places. I'm behind where I'd like to be with the game, but only because there have been some exciting developments with the project...more tomorrow and thanks for following!


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