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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Screenshot

Hi guys! Just a quick update with a new screenshot. I think it shows how the addition of a relatively simple model can add interest to an area:

Progress Update

I'm working hard to bring in most of the game's features to the beta level. Yesterday was a good day as I had been hoping to add a new gameplay element, but wasn't certain how to pull it off or if it would be worth the effort. Well, after a bit of hacking it works! Essentially I've given the astronaut a new...tool. This item will be used to solve several puzzles in the game. I want to share the details here, but I think instead I'll try to post a gameplay video in a couple weeks...

The Weather at Stage 2 Studios, Alaska

Thought I'd share a little trivia about our humble studio. We're located near Anchorage, Alaska and winter is in full swing here. We've had several feet of snow this season. And while we're not above the Arctic Circle, it still gets very dark in the winter. Here's a photo I took looking down my street at noon (as in midday). It's not always this dark, but on this day it was cloudy and the sun had just peeked over the big mountains to the south:


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