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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Progress Update

Been a while since I've posted so thought I'd update everyone on progress. This past month was extremely productive and last weekend I was able to get a private/exclusive test level out to my Kickstarter beta-testers. This is technically not a beta in the strict sense as we're really pre-alpha still (alpha in game-industry-speak means the game is playable start to finish, but without polish or refinements...beta means we think it's basically done and just need to check for errors). The test level includes many/most major gameplay elements as well as a first look at some of the visuals. There are many improvements to come, but it was time to get some feedback from others.

This was a scary but exciting an artist/designer it's always tough to put your work out there for criticism. However, the comments have been very constructive. I'm extremely glad for the Kickstarter project for this reason: it's allowing me to connect with and get feedback from real live gamers. This is invaluable information as I dig deep into the remaining levels.

After working on the same "red" level for so long, I'm excited to be turning to some of the other settings. I'm shooting for diversity in terms of the environments so hopefully soon I'll be able to share some new screens showing off some of the other areas.

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