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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Official Soundtrack Pre-Orders Available Now

Rich Douglas is composing a hauntingly beautiful score to complement the strange and mysterious world of Lifeless Planet. Now you can pre-order the official soundtrack for just $7, or listen to free sample tracks:


  1. While I appreciate the opportunity to preorder the soundtrack, I am a little disappointed it is not for the game itself. Sigh.....the release of this game can't come soon enough.

  2. I know and I feel your pain! I promise I'm working as fast as I can. I believe it will be worth the wait. Thank you for your support!

  3. I - Russian! from Russia! I am impressed by your project (game), music is perfect! thank you so much for the game, played to the end, until you passed a very interesting and non-trivial subject. yes and we - Russian, not so bad as you think, and showed a total of your game. thanks for playing, and welcome to Russia.


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