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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Catching Up with The News...

Between our Kickstarter page, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Indie DB page, MEGABOOTH page, and email list, I sometimes fall behind updating the official homepage!'s time to catch up:

PAX Prime / Indie MEGABOOTH Report 


Above: Even in my homemade space suit, I assure you I wasn't the biggest nerd at PAX (but close!)

I'm happy to report our two days in the indie MEGABOOTH were hugely successful! We handed out around two thousand buttons and business cards, showed the trailer to dozens of people and got very positive feedback on the playable preview build. Lots of press and platform reps came by the booth as well. I met Microsoft, Nintendo and Valve reps, and while I have no announcements to make, the odds of wider distribution are good!

Even though I had to take time off production and it was very tiring (I lost my voice from two days of 10+ hrs "shout-talking"), PAX was very well worth it. I am newly energized to finish up the remaining work, and the sense of community in the indie MEGABOOTH was encouraging. We've now got a lot more very excited people looking forward to Lifeless Planet...

Press Highlights:

Top-mentioned indie game in the Major Nelson Pax podcast (listen at about 6 and 11 mins): 

Tweeted about by Tim Schafer:
(yes, THE Tim Schafer!)

GameTrailers interview video (at 2:53):

Gamesradar 10 Second PAX Pitches video (at 1:40):


Progress Report


I get so excited with the progress I'm making on the game...until I look at the calendar. Time is simply not my friend, but that doesn't mean things aren't rolling along. I'm thrilled with how the end of the game is coming together, but of course I won't spoil it for you.

In the last few weeks, I finished laying-out the final levels. Then I went back and began tying together earlier levels to make the game playable end-to-end. I'll have a few more weeks of this work, but it's good to finally see all of these diverse parts coming together into the final product.

At this point, I'm shooting for release by end of the year or early next year. I'm running out of days for that, but I certainly hope to at least have a fully playable build to testers by end of the year.


New Screens


I want to leave you with a few new screens from some of the levels I recently finished up:



  1. So jealous I couldn't make it to PAX this year. Glad it went well for Lifeless Planet. This game can't get released quickly enough!

  2. I'm so excited !
    I hope that I could play your game in the next months :).
    Best things for you and Lifeless Planet, from France.


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