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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mac Release! And...Summer Sale for 3 More Days!

The Summer sale is here! You can now save 20% off Lifeless Planet—but hurry because the sale ends this weekend! And if you've been waiting for the Mac version, you can now get in on the Lifeless Planet experience too! Buy it on this site (see box above) for the sale price and you'll get a DRM-free version PLUS a Steam key... and nearly all of the purchase price goes to help future projects from our small but scrappy studio. You can even give a little more by clicking the + symbol next to the price!


  1. It's a bit too slow on mac. lots of frames dropping… frustrating when compared to something much more visually demanding, ie. tomb raider, which runs flawlessly at a buttery smooth 60fps.

    I am interested in the story, but a game so visually simplistic should run better. The sense of immersion is ruined by occasional laggy response and dropped frames. I'd call it unplayable on account of this. Shame though.

    1. Ni Nathan, sorry to hear you're having trouble running the game at a higher frame rate. Optimizing for Mac was a huge challenge since most Macs these days (iMacs/laptops) use laptop graphics cards. These cards are small but also not as fast as true gaming cards. Many macs don't have dedicated graphics at all (including imacs) and so I note in the system specs that integrated intel graphics are not supported. I don't mean to sound like I'm down on Macs... just saying it was a challenge...

      That said, there are some things you can do to boost performance, even if you're Mac doesn't have dedicated graphics (or if it's a slower card). Please see the help page for some tips. The biggest boost is to disable High Quality Effects under the options menu. You can always turn this back on after you get through a trouble area...

      The graphics in the game do appear less complex than AAA games--and that's in large part because I created the game as a solo project. But one of the things Lifeless Planet has is some vast draw distances, and all those polygons add up.

      I'm actively working on a big new update that may well hep this as well. Thanks for playing my game and I hope some of this info helps!


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