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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Coming Soon: Lifeless Planet, The Movie!

Announced at PAX Prime this week: Lifeless Planet, the Movie! A new short film coming soon from Wayside Creations -- creators of the hit series Fallout: Nuka Break -- and Stage 2 Studios ...details soon!


  1. so amazing! are you going to have another game like the sequele of Lifeles planet something like the history of the human who lived there

    1. Not ready to announce anything at this time. Stay tuned...

  2. when is it going to be ready! oh myGod! automatilly translated from russian

  3. Hoping for spring-time release... still looking for funding, but it's not dead yet...

  4. Great atmosphere in the game, I often caught myself looking over my shoulder because I was genuinely creeped-out! I hope you guys can recreate this in the film, best of luck :)

  5. espero con ansias una segunda parte de este gran juego, también la película.


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