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Monday, April 13, 2015

Xbox One Release Update

Hi folks,

Just wanted to post a quick note about the upcoming Premier Edition release on Xbox One. It took longer than expected to get this wrapped and ready for prime time. Thankfully, I can tell you it's done and we've just got a couple hurdles left before I can announce the release date. I promise that will come soon and the actual release will not be far off. Thanks to all fans of Lifeless Planet for your patience...expect a follow-up to this post VERY soon!



  1. Hi Dave. I like that game. Hope it takes not so long..??... :-) I'm waiting for it. :-)) I m watching the pictures of the game on my xbox store.... they looks fine. :-)I wanna play it Now. Ok I can wait.... Greetings from Germany sends you sepp

  2. Hey Dave, I own the Xbox one version premier and I'm wonderWhy is it that the graphics are dumbed/ported down? The PC version looks so much better. Argg, I'm so disappointed in Microsoft. However Great Game, Excellent Work! 10 hours of fun for 20 bucks. I think I'll sell my Xbone and stick with the PC. This game looks awesome on the PC for some reason. Not sure why I bought a xbone. Sorry about the rant but I'm simply disappointed with Microsoft. They ruin the developers games quality in my opinion.

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the game. There are certainly challenges with console development, but I'm proud of what we achieved on the Xbox One. Yes, high end PCs will always be able to push higher resolutions, but actually the Premier Edition textures are identical to the Xbox Premier Edition. So if you're seeing a difference it would be due to the high performance of the PC able to push high resolution, not because graphics are dumbed down on the Xbox One as they really are running the same version of the game.


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