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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Premier Edition Available Now on PC/Mac!

The Premier Edition of Lifeless Planet is now available on PC and Mac. This remastered edition brings new content and improved graphics to the desktop versions of the game.

The Premier Edition (v 1.5) is a free update to existing owners of Lifeless Planet through Steam and Humble (other platforms coming within 24hrs). Simply update the game through Humble or the Steam Client to play the new version.

The Premier Edition includes new original music from acclaimed Lifeless Planet composer Rich Douglass. In addition, there's also a number of visual upgrades throughout, most notably the addition of normal-mapped terrains. The game also contains previously unreleased content in the form of new audio and text logs. The Premier Edition includes additional new Russian language voice acting, adding further richness to the already immersive experience.


  1. Hi,
    sorry for bothering, but have you sent the update to GOG too? On my account there is still 1.4 and nobody answers me in the forum concerning the update... even Humble has it since friday.

    1. Looking into this right now. Hopefully will have resolved within the day.

  2. Just completed this game. So, so good. Truly inspiring; and great storytelling.

    In a way, this is my modern "Another World".

    Eagerly awaiting your future work.

    1. Awesome! Very glad you liked it, and yes, Another World was a huge inspiration for this game! I started gaming in the 80s and that game in particular was one of my favorites of all time...

      Thanks again,

  3. I would like to say for all the people who work in this game ¡Congratulations! Specially to Rich Douglas you are the man!

    1. Thanks! And yes, Rich's soundtrack was fantastic!


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