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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lifeless Moon is Live on Kickstarter! You Can Help Fund the Next Classic SciFi Adventure...

I'm thrilled to announce that our new game Lifeless Moon is now live on Kickstarter. Lifeless Moon will be the next cinematic sci-fi adventure in the Lifeless Planet series.

If you like the idea of an epic exploration adventure game with a classic science fiction twist, please consider supporting our new game:

Even if you don't pledge, please consider helping us out this week by sharing the link. I'm already amazed with the support we've seen!

David & the Stage 2 Studios Team

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  1. this is the most important review ive ever made in the 19 years of doing so if your a picky f**k this game is naturally not for you if you like older games or just really well made games this is absolutely for you this game has one of the best stories ever its meaningful and well balanced yes the controls are slightly clunky but i found them perfectly manageable the graphics are also not the best but i actually think keeping it simple brought out the story more again if you didn't like this game its your fault not the game it was a perfectly reasonable and balanced game some may say it was a short story but i thought it was a perfect length for this type of game im not here to argue or try anger people im just saying from being a picky gamer myself this deserves at least a 3 star from some of you while people who aren't picky would probably give it a 4 star. which is why i give it a 4 star not saying i wouldn't love to see a remake of this in better graphics or even a 2nd game but if the 2nd game had the same graphics i would still buy it and enjoy it thank you to the creator of this game its fantastic


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