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Lifeless Planet Default Inputs

If you find the Unity launcher (appears after you run the game but before the main menu) has the wrong inputs, you can reference the defaults here.

Click the "Input" tab under the "Lifeless Planet Configuration" window that opens right after you run the game.

Alternatively, you can try to delete the "lpPrefs.txt" file in:
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Stage 2 Studios\Lifeless Planet\

Warning: Do NOT delete lpSave.txt unless you want to reset your game progress!

Horizontal (+)right d
Horizontal (-)lefta
Vertical (+)upw
Vertical (-)downs
Walkleft shiftjoystick button 4
HorizontalJoystick 0
axis 0

VerticalJoystick 0
axis 1

Jumpjoystick button 0
Turn Helmet Light On or Offfjoystick button 5
Deploy or Stow Mobile Robotic Armmjoystick button 3
Extend or Retract Robotic Arm (+)e
Extend or Retract Robotic Arm (-)q
Pick up, drop, or manipulate objectsLeft Mousejoystick button 2
Zoom camera or activate...Claw Cam.cjoystick button 9
Access Tablet Computertabjoystick button 1
Right Joystick HorizontalJoystick 0 axis 3 
Right Joystick VerticalJoystick 0 axis 4 
Start Game or Pausejoystick button 7 
Extend or Retract Robotic ArmJoystick 0 axis 2