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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lifeless Planet Available Now on Xbox One!

We're live! Check out the Premier Edition on Xbox One, and get it at 20% off for a limited time...


  1. I love this game already, dropped 3 hours on it last night. Lots of fun

  2. I just finished it. This is phenomenal game! I'm very impressed with the quality of game play coming from such a relatively small production crew. The soundtrack works perfectly with the stunning visuals to deliver an A+ experience. The combination of large areas, no HUD, and no clear path really makes the player feel as though they are alone in their adventure without any "hand-of-god" developers pushing them in a general direction. This is a refreshingly original concept, and a well thought out plot. The Lifeless Planet concept has a LOT of potential, and I'm excited to see where Stage 2 Studios will take this next!

    1. Thanks, Nathan! Really appreciate the feedback. Definitely some cool plans for future projects... thanks again!

  3. Loving it so far. Great little game.

  4. Incidentally, it would be great as an iPad game...


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