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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Xbox One Release May 13 - More Details!

We've just released a new trailer today in advance of the Xbox One release. See the homepage or here:

We're also announcing Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition will be priced at $19.99 (US) £15.99 (UK) €19.99 (Europe) and will be on sale at 20% off for a limited time to celebrate the launch on Xbox One!

As mentioned previously, the Premier Edition includes new original music from acclaimed Lifeless Planet composer Rich Douglass. In addition, there's also a number of visual upgrades throughout, most notably the addition of normal-mapped terrains. This visual effect is quite striking and adds significant depth and detail to the landscapes.   

The game also contains previously unreleased content in the form of new audio and text logs. The Premier Edition includes additional new Russian language voice acting, adding further richness to the already immersive experience.

Did you know?

Lifeless Planet was created by David Board of Stage 2 Studios while he lived in Alaska. His inspiration for the game stems from a love of classic 1950’s and 60’s sci-fi movies and TV shows. Coupled with a love for video games (and frankly not much else to do during those long dark Alaskan winter nights!) he has turned this passion into something unique and original. Lifeless Planet was one of the first games to be successfully funded on Kickstarter. David also looked to the Kickstarter community to find talent for music, voice acting, testing and many other aspects of the project. Alaska-based programmer and game developer Jazon Burnell lead the effort to bring Lifeless Planet to Xbox One.


  1. Hi!
    Great to hear the Premier Edition for PC is on the way! I'm really looking forward to it. May I ask if I, as an owner of the original game (GOG) will get an update possibility or do I have to buy the game again?
    Thanks and all the best!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, we'll update the pc/mac file to Premier Edition on Steam/Humble/GOG when it releases, a few weeks after Xbox.

  2. I was all set to buy this on my XBO this week...until I saw the price. £16 (or £12.80 with 20% off) is just too expensive. Perfect example on how to price yourself out of the market. I can buy Wolfenstein The Old Blood for the same cost (and even that's over priced).

    Good luck, though. Hope it does well. But from conversations with numerous friends (six lost sales) who feel the same as me, we'll wait for the inevitable 50% sale in a few months.

  3. I've bought the original game last year full priced and it was worth every single cent for me. It depends on what you expect from a game, but this one gave me some very long lasting and deep impressions. That's the best thing I can say about a game. The comparison (even if it's only meant because of the price) with Wolfenstein is more than inappropriate. This one is a piece of art.


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